Neenah Foundry


Regulatory-compliant cast iron Detectable Warning Plates from Neenah Foundry offer appealing aesthetics, exceptional longevity and freedom from maintenance. By using Neenah’s Detectable Warning Plates, specifiers can be confident that the critical warning message will be delivered for the lifetime of the installation.


Exceptional Durability & Superior Performance

  • Combine the exceptional durability of cast iron and its ability to adhere to concreteDetectable Warning Plates
  • Eliminate maintenance problems that are associated with the wearing, pealing, cracking and delaminating of non-iron materials

Superior Performance

  • Durability of cast iron even withstands snow plow abuse
  • They look like new for many years to come
  • There just isn’t a more durable, long-term product available

Simple Installation

  • Can be installed in minutes into prepared concrete
  • Reusable lifting springs simplify the installation process
  • click here for installation instruction


  • Qualified design professionals can effectively use Neenah’s detectable warning plates in their plans to meet current ADA and ABA guidelines

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Recommended to be furnished and installed in their natural unpainted state for best long-term, maintenance-free performance and aesthetic appeal
  • Unpainted plates will develop a permanent patina that will remain the same throughout their lifetime
  • Powder coat paint is available upon request. Most common colors are federal yellow, dark gray and brick red.

Coefficient of Friction

Excellent non-skid characteristics comply with all ADA and ABA guidelines. The measured coefficient of friction is 0.9.


Upon exposure to moisture, the cast iron plates will form a temporary iron oxide scale, which is a normal part of the oxidation process. Following this, your warning plate will darken to a patina, which is permanent throughout the life of the installation. Look at manhole covers in the street to see how the color matures.