Top Gard

TopGard Pipe Bollard Caps save time, material, labor and rework – and that saves you money.

Hand-formed pipe bollard caps are a problem waiting to happen.  They don’t look right, they’re never uniform, and sometimes they look just plain terrible.

Say goodbye to hand forming with TopGard concrete pipe bollard caps. Up to 90% faster and 100% uniform.  No more hand forming or punch list headaches.

Group of TopGard pipe bollard caps at St. Vincent's Hospital

If you’re a General Contractor or Subcontractor, TopGard pipe bollardcaps have been shown to save 10% in overall costs (vs. hand-forming) while providing a professional looking product that requires no clean up and won’t end up on the punch list.

If you’re an Owner or Architect, TopGard pipe bollard caps provide the uniform, professional results that you expect on your project – for less than it costs to create a hand-formed top.

TopGard pipe bollard caps save you money and make you look good – just set it and forget it!

TopGard Bollard Cap sizes